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Searching for something completely different because you’ve seen it all before? A former fashion teacher and gymnastics coach joined hands. Our mission is simple; to create comfortable, eye catching and stylish gymnastics wear for those who want to stand out.  

We just don’t do things like all others because we believe you are unique!

Complicated designs = expensive? No, fashion-forward is what we love to do! Affordable prices for all gymnasts on every level so you can show up at your practice in the coolest Flying Fox gear or go to a competition with one of our out of the box exclusive designs. 

Flying Fox releases 6 times a year some headturning gymnastics, dance and active gear collections. Leotards, exclusives, crops, tanks, t-shirts and shorts. For boys, girls.. Name it, we’ve got you covered!    

Yes, we do  love our planet so we only print on the best quality life recycled Italian Lycra. @ Flying Fox we only use water-based ink so no acids or chemicals are needed during the printing process.

We ship to customers and dealers worldwide! No mater where you live or practice, you can always join our Flying Fox squad.



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